Company Profile

Markham African Caribbean Canadian Association (MACCA)

Founded: 1987

President: Lisa-Joy Facey

Areas of expertise: 
Education . Youth . Children's Programs . Vulnerable Youth . Mentorship . Health . Seniors Programming . Equity & Harmony

A Brief History

​​MACCA Started in 1987
MACCA started in 1987 as a non-profit organization focusing on servicing Caribbean people living and working in Markham Ontario.

Region-Wide Mandate
As more and more people of Afro-Caribbean decent moved into York-Region demand for MACCA's services increased and our services were expanded across the region. We now proudly serve all of York-Region.

The Power of Partnerships
Through the development of strong and valued partnerships MACCA has been able to expand our reach, enrich our programs, and meet growing regional needs. We are proud to partner with York Regional Police, York Region District School Board, York Region Catholic School Board, City of Markham, ABLE, ABES, The Alliance and many other valued groups.

Modern MACCA
With over 20,777 Afro-Caribbean peoples living in York-Region MACCA has had to expand and grow to meet needs and solve new challenges. We recently added an extra C to our name to reflect the Canadian culture that we embrace, and are a part of; with embracing diversity and celebrating inclusion being a core value we are proud of the extra C in our name. We also have charitable status, a General Manager, a nice office, and a responsibility to promote health, peace, and education throughout our region.

Each year hundreds of children and youth are left behind due to lack of educational supports, inspiration, mentorship, and encouragement. MACCA works to ensure no student is left behind.


We a variety of educational, health & wellness, youth, and social cultural programs and events that:

  • Encourage and support learning - as we know education is the key to self-sufficiency & success
  • Encourage and facilitate inclusive and harmonious communities - we know that 'out of many, one!'
  • Educate & promote healthy living among all York-Region citizens - as prevention is better than cure

What We’re Doing